Skin Care

Our Skin Therapeutic products were founded in the medical community and are medical grade. The right amount of active ingredients are used to gain results. Ingredients that earn their way into Skin Therapeutic products have been meticulously researched and selected for their proven efficacy.
For those who wish to go all natural, we offer Gunilla of Swedin to give you gentle, yet beneficial products to achieve your golds.
Our facials are designed to bring balance to your skin and increase its vital functions, helping you to achieve a healthy, radiant looking complexion. Each facial is tailored to treat the individual and their specific concerns.

With our facials be prepared to improve your skin’s tone, texture and clarity. Our facials are highly customized. Your esthetician begins by analyzing your skin to choose the most effective products for its needs. Relax as your face is cleansed, exfoliated and prepared for extractions. Afterward, enjoy a facial massage and a mask with specially selected products packed with a concentration of active ingredients. Also includes a hand and shoulder massage.

Aromatherapy or Roseaca Facials-Products chosen for sensitive skin & to even out skin tones$75.00
Custom Deep Cleansing Facial for aged, oily or sensitive. Customized just for your skin$75.00
Pick Me Up Facial (about 30 min) Extractions are not available with this facial$50.00
Non Surgical Toning Facial (Monology) to firm and tighten your skin$70.00
Oxygenating Treatment
Vitamin C Treatment
Ultra Sonic Facial Treatment$85.00
Delete’ Treatment w/wo facial$35.00/ $65
Back Facial                       $70.00
Eye Treatment (with or with out facial)$25/35

Hot Stone Facial

ST Facial – (designed to balance, regenerate, smooth skin$85.00
Extraction Only$50.00
Teen Facial – ( analysis, and instruction for home care)$65.00
Signature Spa Facial (about 90min.) designed individually) $125.00

Derma Planing/Skin Leveling(packages available for savings)$100.00
Glycolic Peels$70.00
Series of 6 Glycolic Peels recommended (pre paid savings)$300.00
Modified Jessnier or Jessnier Peel$175.00up
Lactic, Salacylic or Fusion Peel$150.00up
TCA Peel w/after care products$350.00
Microdermabrasion facial & peel (ask about packages for savings)$150.00
Microdermabrasion face, Neck & Chest (ask about packages for savings)$225.00
Skin Theraputic Peels$95 to $200
Vivant Four Layer Peel$250.00
Micro Needling / face & neck$150.00
Blue Peel$250.00
Lymphatic Drainage for Face Treatment Post Operation (to reduce swelling and brusing from surgeries).$75.00

Skin Peels Advanced Skin Care


  • Improve skin tone, textured, and over all appearance
  • Minimizes fine lines, lip creases, dark spots, and scars
  • Brightens dull, blotchy, uneven complexion
  • Dissolves blackheads, kills bacteria, and controls acne
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin production for firmer skin
  • Fades discoloration due to sun damage, hormones, and scarring
  • Peels can be used on other areas of the body for similar benefits.

We can all have an impact on what our skin looks like. Beautiful skin is a life-long commitment. As the body’s protective covering, the skin is vulnerable and subject to wear and tear. This is why the skin requires regular and daily care throughout a lifetime if it is to remain healthy and retain its youthful appearance. The environmental factors that rob the skin of its beauty are sunlight, which depletes water and causes permanent loss of moisture. It also damages collagen fibers, which gives our skin support and elasticity. Sun also disturbs cellular activity, which interferes with the production of collagen. Pollution is deteriorating the ozone allowing more ultra-violet ray exposure when polluted air comes in contact with the skin, leaving the skin dehydrated, sensitive and less resilient.

We must also contend with biological changes in our body. As time ticks away the years, the skin begins to loose ability to retain water therefore leaving skin vulnerable to dehydration. Cell regeneration slows down and causes a build-up of dead cells and a decrease in collagen production.

Although we have no control over biological factors, how we choose to conduct our lives can make a difference in the final analysis of our skin’s condition. Smoking, drinking, sunbathing, drugs, diet and lack of care are the last true enemies of our skin

Nicotine causes small blood vessels and capillaries to constrict, which decreases the blood circulation to the skin and deprives it of essential nutrients and oxygen. Alcohol damages the liver and interferes with nutrition. Alcohol over dilates the blood vessels and weakens the capillary walls, which can cause them to burst. It also draws water out of the tissue and causes dehydration. Drugs can affect and intake of oxygen that the tissues need for cell growth.

Washing the face cannot be as simple as soap and water. Soaps have high alkaline substances that leave the skin dehydrated. Preservatives leave skin sensitive and irritated.

Plastic surgeons in conjunction with skin care specialists allow individuals a second chance to recapture beautiful skin. Skin needs are not limited to facial reconstruction, however. To insure a complete facial or skin rejuvenation process you must improve the health of the skin.

Skin treatments help to overcome deficiencies and improve circulation. In addition, cell regeneration is activated, moisture loss restored, and the skin’s resiliency is enhanced. Facial therapy is administered so blood and fluids trapped within tissue can drain and recalculate. Essential vitamins and minerals and amino acids are replenished.

Preventing the destruction of skin is our best defense against the aging process.
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