Relax as your massage therapist pampers you with an artistically applied technique including Swedish, shiatsu and more. You never felt soooo good!!! No time for a massage, try a Soothe Your Sole with a half hour foot massage. RainDrop Therapy is a method of applying plant extracts on various locations of the spine to help structure and align the body. Our Aromatherapy massage uses a blend of oils designed to release blocked “energy” or “chi”, leaving you feeling completely balanced.
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Swedish Massage   Escape from aching muscles, stress, toxicity and fatigue with the proven health benefits of Swedish Massage.  Your therapist will use variable light and medium pressure to bring relief to your too-tight muscles.
Fifteen minutes$20.00
Thirty minutes$40.00
Sixty minutes$75.00
Ninety minutes$110.00
DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE You know right where it hurts, and a caring consultation with your theapist will allow them to target the center of your pain and tension.  Using firm pressure, muscle soreness will be relieved while your circulation system is stimulated to aid the healing process.
Thirty minutes$50.00
Sixty minutes$85.00
Ninety minutes      $125.00


Aromatherapy Massage or Rain Drop Therapy Massage $85.00                                        

Soothe the Sole (foot massage)30 min. $35.00

PREGNANCE MASSAGE (one hour) Expecting mothers in their second or third trimester relax in comfort and safety on their belly or side while a specially-trained therapist soothes joint pain, melts away stress and discomfort.  Please read recommendations and about the benefits of massage during pregnancy                                                   $85

Reflexology (about 50 minutes)/$60.00
15/30 add on for reflexology$15/30


Back Body Polish: A gentle, exfoliating scrub applied to your shoulders and lower back, opens pores while it smooths                                                                                                                                                                                                            $30

Warm Stones: Warm, smooth stones balance your energy and melt away muscle tension while evoking a new depth of relaxation.  Back only                                                                                                                                                  $30

Scalp Treatment:  Using pure Argan Oil this formula transports essential nutrient to each strand: lost proteins for strength; fatty acids, omiga-3 oils and vitamins for shine; and antioxidants for protection.   $30

Hot Stone Massage Treatment- (about 60 to 75min)$125.00

(A Unique Essential Oil Specialty Treatment)
Developed by Gary Young, ND to utilize the many essential oils that are dropped like raindrops onto the feet and back then massaged into the skin. Warm, moist towels are applied to the back towards the end of the treatment, followed by a soothing scalp massage. Helps relieve stress and aids in the detoxification process. A very relaxing and healing treatment that you will surely enjoy.
(Not for pregnant or nursing mothers.) (about) 70 min.                                                                                                $35/ $90

A Spirulina Body Mask. This full body mask helps nourish and balance the body as you float await with our clouds listening to crying seagulls letting the music take you to exotic places.

To delight your sense with our Raindrop therapy, this light application of essential oils helps balance and realign the bodies energy system and helps release them if blocked. Cypress, birch, basil, and peppermint are a few of the oils that “rain” down on your spine as the fragrance let you drift away.

Escape the north’s cold with our hot herbal linen wrap cinnamon, juniper eucalyptus and clove have a sedative effect on you causing you to sweat out aiding in your detoxification. You can chose from a relaxing Swedish Massage or a deep tissue – Hot Stone corrective massage with our therapist.

Understanding Different Types of Massage

Aromatherapy massage is Swedish massage using essential oils to enhance healing, relaxation and emotional and hormonal balance by the power of its scent or by being applied directly to and massaged into the skin.

Chair massage is form of Swedish massage. A specially designed folding chair allows you to sit fully supported, from knees to head and neck. The therapist can massage the client’s head, neck, shoulders, back and arms while you are still fully dressed.

Connective tissue massage, also called myofascial release, seeks to rebalance the body by releasing tension in the fascia, the superficial and mid-level connective tissue of the muscles. Pressure is applied with the intention of opening, lengthening and moisturizing these layers of fascia, giving the body more freedom and range of motion. Long, stretching strokes are used to release muscular tension.

The refocused energy has several basic effects; it brings about deep relaxation, destroys energy blockages, detoxifies the system and provides new vitality in the form of healing.

Craniosacial massage or Tri-Release is a technique for finding and correcting cerebral and spinal imbalances or blockages that may cause sensory, motor or intellectual dysfunction. It is a modality that focuses on the functioning of the craniosacial system that surrounds and protects the brain and spinal cord by complementing the body’s natural healing processes through gentle, hands-on touch.

Deep tissue massage incorporates Swedish massage techniques on specific problem areas to release chronic or acute tension and soreness. “Deep tissue is really Swedish massage performed with more pressure.

Deep tissue movements are often cross-fiber (across the grain of the muscle) using fingers, thumbs, or elbows with more pressure to reach deeper layers of the specific muscles involved. This deep work on the muscles and connective tissues loosens toxins and increases the blood and oxygen circulation enhancing the body’s abilities to heal.

Targeted massage is similar to deep tissue massage but uses many other additional techniques to relieve tension, eliminate toxins, rebalance the energy and bring nutrition and oxygen to a specific area.

Thai Lazy man’s Yoga

Trager massage, also known as psychological integration, is based on the theory that most physical problems start in the mind. Physical and verbal communication and movements such as shaking, rocking, vibrating and gentle kneading are used to contact the subconscious and communicate with the muscles to bring them into a healthful state.

Polarity massage is a technique of gently rocking, holding and massaging to stimulate relaxation, restore energy flow and encourage revitalization.

Raindrop massage or Vita Flex is a special application of 9 essential oils designed to balance and align the body. These oils are dropped on the body from a distance onto the spine (thus comes the name raindrop) then they are lightly manipulated to relax the area, therefore realigning the spine in a very light and gentle way.

Reflexology is an ancient healing are that teaches that pressure in specific areas of the hands, feet and ears can reflect energy into a related area elsewhere in the body. The vertical meridians mentioned are also represented in these areas, allowing pressure of specific points to reflex healing energy to coordinate organs of the body within the same zone.

Reiki, the Japanese word or “universal life force energy,” is an ancient healing art where the therapist becomes a conduit for the healing energy coming from the universe. It is a subtle form of massage that can be performed through clothing and without physical contact with the client. The therapist holds, his or her hands a few inches or farther away from your body and manipulates the energy field from there.

Sports massage is geared toward participants in athletics and has these three basic forms: pre-event massage, and maintenance massage. It is used to help prevent injuries and prepare the body for athletic activity (pre-event), to maintain it in optimal condition during an event (maintenance), and to help athletes recover from workouts and injuries (post-event).

Shirohara is an Ayurvedic treatment of warmed oil slowly pouring over the middle of the client’s forehead, where it is believed the third eye resides. This induces an intense state of relaxation in the recipient.

Stone massage uses Swedish massage strokes, usually effleurage, with warm and cold basalt stones, marble, and semi-precious stones. Using stones in a massage therapy is a holistic approach to triggering healing response and relaxation. “The heat of the stones transmits intense heat and energy, much more that can be transmitted by the hands alone. This stimulates the transmission of endorphins, the hormonal painkiller and anti-depressants, which our bodies produce naturally and safely, into the body.

One stroke of the stone is equal to six effleurage movements, reaching deeper into the muscle tissue and producing a profound relaxation and alternating sedation and rejuvenation.

Swedish massage is a universal choice. Five classical movements on the superficial layers of muscles move the blood though the soft tissues. They are soft gliding strokes, kneading, deep, circular movements, vibration and rhythmic percussive movement.

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